Ireland's Ancient East

Midlands Park Hotel

Located in the heart of the Midlands in the centre of Portlaoise town, lies the aptly named Midlands Park Hotel. A town built as a major crossroads in the Irish Roads network, heritage and history are all within easy reach.

In the tranquil days of the Early-Christian era, Laois was a haven for piety, sanctity and the silent ruins which today are scattered throughout the county act as gentle, but poignant, reminders of the monastic era which originally shaped the Christian heritage.

The Seven Septs of Laois are central to the county's deep heritage and their transplantation from Laois is a crucial aspect of Laois' history. The 'Seven Laois' was a loose description of both land divisions and clan/sept divisions. The following names were generally recognised as the Seven Septs of Laois: O'Devoy (O'Deevy), O'Doran, O'Dowling, McEvoy, O'Kelly, O'Lalor and O'Moore.

When, on the 17th August 1600, the famous Owny MacRory Óg O'More (O'Moore), Chief of Laois, fell sword in hand, the cause of the Septs was shattered, with the leading families moved to Munster or Connaught as the government feared there would be trouble if they stayed in Laois.

Located in the heart of the Midlands, The Midlands Park Hotel is the perfect location to visit the following Ancient East attractions within an hour’s drive.